Informática 222


Quality is our strategic goal, with the basic purpose of ensuring that products and services offered to our customers are of the highest quality and that his implementation in the enterprise is optimal, based on a spirit permanently and innovative in applying the most advanced technologies and competitive.

Our goal is to provide businesses with solutions and technologically advanced the highest quality and optimize our customers' business, selecting and applying management solutions and appropriate technology, incorporating appropriate resources at a competitive price to achieve a rapid return on investment.


Our experience ranges from structured cabling (telephony, data ..) until the last technological developments (wireless, PDA, VoIP ...). We have highly skilled technicians in their respective areas, who allow us to be able to utilize the latest technologies available.


Consúltenos sin compromiso


Extensive training

The experience gained and our policy of continuing education have led us to have professionals with extensive experience in technology Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. In addition other databases widespread as DB2, Sybase, and SQL Server, the most recent appearance, MySQL.