Informática 222


We offer our product catalog, offering advice and search for the best adapted to their needs.

We have a wide range of inputs, as well as portable terminals or standard. Within These products are in a position to provide the best option, including within the possibilities, armed with a team as expressly designed for their needs and level of requirement. You will not have to worry about anything, we were installed it and we leave running within a maximum of 7 days.

Computer Solutions

Moreover also offer technical service that you need to keep constantly improved its computer equipment, as well as new facilities, need for new peripherals, adaptability of old equipment, etc... Our top priority, provide technical support and top level within immediately, so that their work is not affected by delays and technical difficulties.

Our staff will come quickly to resolve any objection to it present.


Keeping the premise of seeking effective solutions to our client, we take great care service it is extremely practical for most companies. The same is that, as the case of a serious breakdown in a computer and noting the Technical it is not possible to solve the problem in-house within reasonable Weather, Computer 222 leaves on loan from a computer technical characteristics Similar to repair. We seek in this way that the company can continue with their normal functioning, facilitating the normal course of the work process.


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