Informática 222

Administration Network

We optimize the most of the IT infrastructure of the company, putting in their communication teams, so that share their resources, including software, disk drives, printers, connection services, and almost anything that is connected to them. The great advantage of sharing of resources is that now anyone who owns a network must buy a ring for each computer. The networks are economically practical interaction and allows its users real time, allows corporate processes more efficient thanks to the constant updating the data if there is a shared information system.

The constant updating of technology has made the networks an indispensable tool in whole atmosphere, are becoming much faster, safer and more profitable.

Informática 222 is prepared to meet the needs of its customers on connectivity, designed for local networks and you can access links to other networks as Internet, corporate networks or local networks in remote areas.


We specialise in comprehensive assistance to small and medium enterprises.


Consúltenos sin compromiso


Software to measure

By the rigor that we impose on all aspects of development programmes, we ensure that our solutions are reliable, devoid of resistant virus and ROBUST. Among our team of experts, we have software engineers who develop applications to measure. Therefore, we created 100% software designed by us, which can not comply with some but with all its requirements.